Bet you can’t eat just one Lay’s…

…and not want more and more! Am I showing my age here, or just my thing for cheesy ad jingles?

In any case, that’s how I feel about Abby and Connor! I had sooo much fun photographing their retro chic wedding, that I asked them if they’d get dressed back up for round two! This time we went to… a parking lot, of course. Testing my theory that these two lovebirds would be adorable even if you put them in a tin can, we did some great images by the trailers. Thanks Abby and Connor for coming out to play with me!

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Abby - June 25, 2011 - 9:29 pm

I didn’t know we made the blog!! What a fun day that was! I want that first one in a big old frame…and the third one and the fifth one and the sixth one… <3

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